Furniture for hospitality projects

Furniture for hotel projects

With the world growth in many sectors including business across the globe, it gives good consequences for supplying furniture facilities to hotel, restaurant, resort, residences and public transportation. 

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We proudly present our serious commitment by supplying the finest Indonesia furniture for hotel and resort project with our nine warehouses that always providing Indonesian furniture in various range of materials, products and design both indoor and outdoor, we do believe it would give you wider range for a better choice. Furniture for Hotel.

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Klaten - Central Java - Indonesia

Asia furniture is Indonesia furniture manufacturer has over 20 years of experience in contract design and volume manufacturing and in developing specialized finishes for international clients.

You can buy base on our products listed or you have your own design, it depend on your desire. Welcome for your CUSTOM DESIGN.



We can follow your hotel and apartment designs. Whatever the models you want to buy, we will produce the product at top quality and we will be your partner to maximize your profit margin for long term. From Modern to antique looked, we capable to produce for you.