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Welcome to, we are leading exporter and manufacturer of rattan furniture and natural fibers: water hyacinthseagrasskubu gray, banana leafabaca and croco in Indonesia with more than 18 years experience since we established 1993. We have many experience to furnish hotel project, home project for wholesaler and also retailer.
Every pieces of our rattan Bali furniture are using local materials, local cultures combine with handmade of local people, will give you unique touch of rattan furniture. We produce all items from rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, kubu gray, babana leaf, abaca and croco one by one carefully by hand from making frame, knitting weaving, making cushion and cutting glass. Its hand made could make slight different in items but that is what make its unique – only one and it is especially made for you.

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Our natural fibers and rattan furniture could brings naturalness from our nature and craftmanship from our people to your home and your family, comforting your life with natural furniture. Moreover, we use water base finishing system that are non toxic and eco-friendly which keep your family safe …Find your suitest rattan items to meet your desire here. Visit our new user friendly site at
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